Property code lays out minimum standards

Marietta’s Property Maintenance Code rules are a minimum standard designed to protect the basic health and safety of Marietta residents and visitors.

A column in Saturday’s Times was written by someone who admitted to Marietta City Council he had not read the regulations. If he had, he would know that enforcement of health and safety issues require court ordered warrants to enter a property if permission is not allowed by a property owner or tenant. He also would know there is an appeals process anytime a person is accused of being in violation of the basic health and safety standards.

The Marietta Property Maintenance Code is about protecting people from glass falling out of buildings onto other buildings and alleys, pieces of wood and bricks falling onto sidewalks, and attractive nuisances – those health and safety issues that draw curious children into dangerous situations.

No one has advocated “perfect” properties. City council and others in our historic community should all be held to the same standard. It is not a okay for millionaires to allow some of their properties to become eyesores and safety hazards that decrease neighborhood property values for everyone else.

Everyone currently is paying the price in city services and risks to health and safety for a few property owners and tenants who refuse to keep their buildings and land safe for those nearby.

Minimum standards are the least we can demand for the protection of our health and safety in our historic and beautiful city.

Copies of the Marietta Property Maintenance Code are available at the Washington County Public Library, Marietta City Council Clerk’s Office, Mayor’s Office and online.

Roger G. Kalter

1st Ward Council Representative

Marietta City Council Planning, Zoning, Annexation and Housing committee chair