Appreciate all that people are doing in community

Some just can’t appreciate the good others try to do …

I’ve seen a poll question on the news this past week – “Did we feel as through they were doing enough to keep our roads clear?” – 80-some percent said no. Shame on you!

I sat high on this hill I live on and saw the trucks spin to get up here to clear these roads – they would no longer clear them – then here comes another snowfall. Let’s face it, we’ve had a really rough winter. Most of all, think about those men driving those trucks. They are putting their own lives in danger out there on that snow and ice to try to do what I’m sure is the best they can do. To me, you have all done the best you can. Those may be big trucks with plows, etc., but they can lose control and go over a hill or anything. They are not as safe as what you may think.

If you want your side of the street plowed, put your car in your driveway or ask your neighbor to let you park there if they have an extra spot when the plows are coming through. I cannot believe how unappreciative some people can be. Take the good with the bad. We’ve all had it rough this winter. However, there are those who just need something to complain about.

The same goes for our postal service. Consider those postal carriers out in the cold working all day. Do you keep the pathway to your mailbox clean? How about your newspaper delivery? They all brave the bitter cold everyday and the dangerous roads for us. God bless our crew that does the best they can do. God bless our postal workers, and God bless our newspaper carriers and keep them safe, as well as the police department and fire department.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all, and deeply appreciate what you do.

Faye Farmer