Attention: Fracking on city land isn’t good

I wonder what made Gov. Kasich change his mind about fracking Ohio state parks. “At this point, the governor doesn’t support fracking in state parks,” Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told the Dispatch and was reported on Feb. 19 by Darrel Rowland.

Could it be the traffic from the 2,500 trucks needed to bring in the water, sand and chemicals needed to drill and frack an oil and gas well?

Maybe it is the 4 million to 6 million gallons of water needed to frack each well head on a pad that can hold 6 to 12 well heads. Is Gov. Kasich worried about all that water being removed from the usable water table?

Possibly the governor is thinking about all the visitors to the parks that may be upset by the lights and motors running 24/7, 365 since they can drill within 300 ft. of a campground.

Was it a concern about the air pollution from all the methane leaking from the condensate tanks or being released into the air rather than captured for sale?

Perhaps it was concern for the wildlife and vegetation as the oil and gas companies bulldoze five acre pads and lay miles and miles of pipeline to take the gas to market. (not always a U.S. market but the country willing to pay the best price)

Whatever the reason, I am happy Gov. Kasich has changed his mind and is putting the health and safety of Ohioans first. If the governor has truly changed his mind, he will ask the Ohio legislature to repeal HB 133 so leasing and drilling will not be allowed in Ohio state parks. Gov. Kasich I am ready to help you repeal HB 133.

Finally, I hope the city council of Marietta is paying attention. Our governor believes it is not good to drill on state land so why would it be good to lease Marietta City property for possible drilling and fracking?

Betsy Cook