Cozy ties aren’t limited to the Republicans

I am compelled to reply to a letter writer complaining about congressional Republicans and pollution. The letter writer asserts that Republicans are in bed with big corporations. While I would agree to some extent with this premise, I would also suggest that many Democrats are in bed with them, too. I believe it is rather naive of the letter writer to miss this fact.

I am rather surprised by the complaints of using our earth. Perhaps the letter writer does not enjoy electricity and heat. If we stand by and fail to use our resources, many people will not be able to afford the luxuries of modern life. One must realize that a tradeoff needs to occur in order to provide cheap energy to the masses. We will have to deal with some pollution in order to make this possible. I can assure the letter writer that the United States produces far less pollution than she may think. We are not even at the top of the list for pollution. Cheap energy also means good paying jobs. Companies will move their operations to where the energy is cheap.

Finally I must address the writer’s position on West Virginia. The writer asserts, “If you want to see what that kind of world will look like, just take a little trip over the river to where King Coal holds sway. West Virginia. Otherwise known as Paradise Lost.” I find this statement to be laughable when compared with the writer’s earlier demonization of the Republican Party. The Republican Party does not even come close to controlling the state of West Virginia. The Democrats and the unions have long held sway in that state.

Jay Owens