Fracking discussion has some elements

Greed! It tends to cloud our minds. Once our eyes get big as saucers, we must get real. The questions that then come to mind are, what will be the cost in the future when there is an accident? What about cement casing failures? What about geological changes that Washington County is famous for? As Kathy Downer stated, what will happen when a drilling company declares bankruptcy?

The city property potentially leased by Protege Energy III of Tulsa, Okla., for oil and gas horizontal drilling is all water oriented. Yes, the pipelines would be very deep, but water travels.

Everything needs clean water. Without we are up the veritable creek without the veritable paddle.

After looking at arguments pro and con, the entire fracking business is frackin’ scary. The well heads are an environmental nightmare: Noise, light pollution, air pollution, wear and dust on the roads. And then there is brine being trucked here and there to be injected into our slip-prone geography. The litany goes on. No need to itemize more. The cons outweigh the pros.

With all the environmental disasters occurring, my conscience will not let me be silent on this issue.

Elin W. Jones