Mayor right to be cautious of property code

I write to make a couple of points related to recent events/letters:

First of all, kudos and thanks to Mayor Joe Matthews for understanding and being wary of the underlying/hidden falsehoods and potential dangers behind the push by Roger Kalter and other “globalists” to cram even more unnecessary and power-hungry laws and regulations down our local throats for “our own benefit” (specifically, the recently debated/passed universal property code agenda).

It’s time more folks wake up and realize that a small (but loud and persistent/aggressive) minority of individuals like Kalter – who claim to desire to “do good” locally (extreme environmentalists, universal code enforcement advocates, UN Agenda 21/federal land takeover proponents, ILLEGAL immigrant supporters, serial tax/grant spenders, etc.) – are often ideologues (perhaps even naively) following globalist agendas that purposely undermine the success of our country (and, hence, our future).

Secondly, in response to a recent letter, you dragged my 90 year-old father’s good/proud name into your complaining rant for some unknown reason and that’s not right, nor appreciated (by the way, he would/will let me have it for writing this if he sees it).

Bob O’Malley is certainly capable of defending himself, but I feel a need to share a couple of MY thoughts since you brought him up. My father fought in WWII to protect your (and my) rights to say whatever you please, he studied hard and applied himself to become an accomplished and well-regarded (beyond Marietta and beyond Ohio) ODOT District traffic engineer, and he gave several years of public service to (at least try to) improve his beloved Marietta – as a councilman and then President of City Council. You WRITE (complain),…. he DID (he took action)! That was 20-30 years ago, though. So your point singling out Bob O’Malley was?

While your letter arguments/goals aren’t very obvious or coherent (or life-changing – Marietta isn’t Atlanta or LA or NYC, traffic-wise), one thing I do understand is that you are complaining to the wrong people by vaguely mentioning Dad. I respectfully request and suggest you take your CURRENT case to the fine people in city government NOW. Good luck with your pet peeve flashing/traffic light project.

Gary O’Malley