Misguided foreign policy decisions mounting

Now that we know that President Obama was not correct in assuring us in a presidential debate less than two years ago that there was not threat from Russia since the Cold War was over 20 years ago. Hillary Clinton had presented them a reset button and we are now great friends. Now Ukraine is added to the many other misguided actions that have been occurring through out this country and the world by this administration.

We can be assured that anything done to remedy this situation will only occur if and when a bi-partisan consensus is achieved. Could happen when the president’s politically motivated revisions to his ill-conceived health care law become exhausted.

John Kennedy once said that ask not what the country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country. Pretty good advice, even for today. Let’s stop the bullying. Since I do not live in Washington County any longer, this opinion is labeled “minority”.

Pearl M. Scott