Any way you look at it, writer backs Democrats

A member of The League of Women Voters recently wrote a letter about their opposition to SB 238 and SB 205 that was passed by the Ohio legislature and signed into law by Gov. Kasich. Rep. Thompson was a co-sponsor of SB 238. Despite the fact that voter fraud in this country is nonexistent, Republicans continue to make it harder for folks to vote. Older people in Ohio that had voted all their lives were suddenly required to produce an ID and SB238 and 205 have added more restrictions that will discourage people from trying to vote. A democracy should encourage all of its citizens to participate in governance by voting.

Despite the anniversary of the devastating Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, the contamination of the Elk River and the drinking water in West Virginia, the groundwater pollution from 33 coal ash dumps and the coal ash spill in the Dan River in North Carolina and the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this newspaper continues to denigrate the EPA in Our Opinion, “Courts the only way to challenge EPA’s rules,” March 28. I know that coal-mining jobs are very important in this area. My father-in-law was a coal miner; he died at the age of 58. He had black lung – never got to retire. But coal, chemical and oil companies have to be held responsible for polluting our air and water and it’s not going to happen if we keep weakening the EPA. A democracy should make sure its citizens are safe from possible environmental damage by the oil, gas, chemical and coal industry.

A recent U.N. report warned us of the heightened threat from global warming, March 31, Yokohama, Japan (Reuters): “Global warming poses a growing threat to the health, economic prospects, and food and water sources of billions of people, top scientists said in a report that urges swift action to counter the effects of carbon emissions … the effects of warming are being felt everywhere, fueling potential food shortages, natural disasters and raising the risk of wars.” Even though we are experiencing extreme weather conditions brought about by global warming, many of our congressmen are ignorant of the consequences of their inaction. A democracy should have leaders that are knowledgeable in science and technology and that work together and with other nations to ensure a healthy environment for the world’s citizens.

It will soon be time for citizens to exercise their right to vote. I will vote for those people who will keep our water and our air clean, will hold companies accountable that pollute and make sure that the EPA is strong enough to ensure compliance. I will vote for those that will strengthen Obamacare so everyone has access to affordable health care and those that will fund Planned Parenthood to make sure women have access to family planning so that the children that come into this world are wanted and loved. I will vote for those that will work to fund the education of all our children in this state from pre-school through college. I will vote for those that will work to reverse the Supreme Court’s recent decisions letting companies and the wealthy buy our elections. And I will vote for those that will try to bring sanity back to the indiscriminate possession of guns. In other words, I will vote for the Democrats.

Carol Lazear Mitchell,