Voters should support Dennis for Ohio House

The purpose of my letter is to encourage the voters to the 94th District to support the candidacy of Yolan Dennis as our next legislator in the Ohio House of Representatives. Many Americans have noticed the deterioration of our wonderful country and are concerned for the future of our children and grandchildren. Many, like me, moan and complain: but we do little else. This lady has the courage and determination to do much more. She is running for a position in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Dennis is a very busy woman. She is a wife, a business partner with her doctor husband, a mother of five children and a grandmother. She is active in church and community projects and is very concerned that our schools provide the best opportunity for our children’s educations. She also believes that every conceived child has the right to be born.

Dennis believes in the founding principles of our great nation. She believes in the privileges that are granted to every citizen by our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. She believes that elected representatives are servants of their constituency, not the other way around. Above all, she trusts God, upon whom our country’s Constitution is based.

Dennis is very concerned that every able-bodied person has a job opportunity in his/her chosen field, that includes the oil, natural gas and coal industries which are currently under attack by suffocating government interference. Oil, natural gas and coal have proven to be economically feasible sources of energy for many years and should not be destroyed by unrealistic government regulations, excessive fees and penalties.

Everyone knows that, if there is a job to be done, you should ask the busiest person you know. That person is Yolan Dennis. Please vote for her in the upcoming primary on May 6 and in the general election this fall.

Sandra K. Lane