A couple regulations you might not know about

A few thing are happening to us many are not aware of.

Passed and going into law – (first) Ohio EPA, everyone who has a septic system will be inspected by the county health board to make sure it’s in proper working order.

Passes code of today – (second) If you put fertilizer on more than 50 acres, you will have to be state certified. Ohio Rep. Michael Sheehy said – this is a baby step and giant steps are yet to come.

Not voted on yet – (U.S. EPA/Coast Guard) – water rule – known as (Waters of the United States) reference so of. Ohio Farmer – Farm World – Age. News – Marietta Times – Farm Bureau News. Water you see standing after a rain, anywhere – ditch, yard, field, rock cliff – it could be listed as a federal wetland, be under the federal EPA rules, wetland rules. To fill your yard, dig a ditch, or put in a drain would require a federal permit. The list is endless. What about the water standing on or in your AC unit? What about the water standing on roads?

We have until July 1, 2014, to write our federal congressman to voice our objections.

RB Morris

Coal Run