Another example of Marietta area hospitality

I was visiting Marietta this past 2014 Mother’s Day weekend for a special event hosted by Washington State Community College. The event was a special virtuoso classical guitar musician Ana Vidovic a graduate of well-known Peabody music institution Baltimore, Md., and a native of Croatia. What an outstanding event! The community at the college were genuinely kind very warm and most welcoming to me a stranger traveling from the East. The campus and its surrounding region is so beautiful! I was walking around the community and meandering hills for miles and became lost, yet Don Becker and his wife both took care of me and offered me a ride back to the college! I was three miles away on foot … dress shoes mind you! Mr. Becker, a longtime local offered me a ride back and to buy me an iced tea, being that I was dehydrated and in need of hydration. Later, Don and I became friends knowing we both served our great nation within the United States Marine Corps! What a wonderful experience I encountered within your small yet very loving town of Marietta. I have made various lasting friends and look forward to extending the kindness and love each has provided me if ever travelling within my community nestled along the great Lake Erie.

Thank you for making my life more reason to give back and love others!

Anthony Newcomb

Lake City, Pennsylvania