Warren High needs more leadership

I am a 2012 graduate of Warren High School and I attended the prom this past Saturday with my girlfriend. I have serious concerns about Warren’s leadership. During the dance, almost all of the chaperones including the principal, wouldn’t even step foot on the dance floor. Instead they stood out front in the entrance room and ignored the repulsive behavior. Halfway through the dance, several young men got the idea to take their shirts off. As they stood on the dance floor stripping their shirts off and putting their vests back on like you might expect at a night club, the chaperones and the principals were busy chatting amongst themselves. A friend of mine was shocked when one young man walked past the vice principal and said “I’m going to take my shirt off.” To this he replied, “It’s prom. Go for it.” I became extremely irritated and walked out of the dance and told the principal, “I don’t mean to tell you how to do your job, but I’m pretty sure that chaperones are supposed to be at the dance.” I yelled for a while at the chaperones about how they weren’t doing their job and that prom was still a school event. To all of this the principal replied, “well what am I supposed to do about it?” If a principal has to ask a 20-year-old what he’s supposed to do about students stripping at the prom, perhaps he should consider a new career path. Mr. Schob, the only chaperone who I actually noticed working hard to make sure students kept their clothes on and maintain some control, came up to assure me that he was doing his best to take care of the situation. I went back into the dance, and still the principal refused to do more than hide in the doorway. I must commend Mr. Schob for doing his best to maintain a school appropriate environment, but he couldn’t do it all alone. While he was on the back patio watching students, there was a four couple lap dance party going on at the back tables. I guess the principals didn’t know what to do about that either. We need more school leaders like Schob and less leaders like the principals who are more worried about being liked than doing their jobs.

Kenneth Grady