Yolan Dennis is worthy of your vote on Tuesday

ive of using all methods and ways to provide for our electric demands, but she has the common sense to know that the consumer and the businesses will suffer from the lack of enough electricity to meet the demands if the coal fired plants are shut down without something else to replace it. The technology continues to develop for coal fired generation that will meet the existing air standards; however, the technology is not yet developed to meet the latest proposed by the USEPA. Once a technology is proven, it still takes years for the necessary permits to be obtained. There have been advancements in the use of solar and wind technology through government (the taxpayer) subsidies, however, they are no ways near being able to provide all of our demands. Natural gas has the potential to be a viable alternative, but the infrastructure is not established to make that happen very quickly and once, and if, it would be established, it would be at a much greater cost for electricity than it is presently. Yolan is especially concerned that any increased cost for power generation will be passed on to us consumers, not only for our personal usage, but through everything we buy and use. The businesses have no choice but to pass their cost increases on to us consumers for everything we purchase.

I know that Yolan will serve the people in the 94th District well by weighing out the true facts, not only concerning our electric demands, but also any topic that comes before her and will not just accept what we are led to believe as facts. My wife and I support Yolan due to our benefit of knowing her and knowing about her support of our community in so many ways for many years.

Roger Osborne