Belpre resident needs help with drainage

I have been trying for seven long years to get help from the city of Belpre, which is where the debree floods our front yard, to come up with some kind of helpful solution. I read where the mayor of Parkersburg went out of his way to help a flooding taxpayer remedy the problem and then fixed their property. You should be very proud, Parkersburg, to have such a mayor.

The mayor of Belpre said it wasn’t their fault; they can’t stop water from running downhill. I agree, but I have three broken culvert lines in my yard that gushes up through the ground when it rains, and debree, and sewage in our front yard. I ask you, would you sit back and tolerate this? Come on city of Belpre. It’s your crap that is ruining our yard. Get off your cheap rears and fix it. We pay our taxes and it’s your job. The township said they would if we bought the materials.

Sandra Skelly