Enemies from within the nation pose huge threat

It seems that America’s greatest threats are not coming from overseas, these days. The enemies within are the most troubling. Our most basic of rights are being eroded, as we speak, and very few people seem to care.

If you disagree with the president, you’re a racist. If you don’t want government-run healthcare, you don’t care about the poor. Instead of having an honest discussion about the issues, the left wing zealots play the race card in an attempt to silence those who disagree. Not to mention the harassment of conservative groups by the IRS, which is supposed to be a non-partisan entity. Even now, there is a bill in the Senate to limit free “political” speech, when it comes to individuals. It is sponsored by a majority of Democrats, led by the ever-vile tyrant, Harry Reid. It has no chance of passing, but just the fact that it was even introduced is troubling enough.

Also, with every new shooting, there are more calls for gun control from the left. Taking away everyone’s guns is not the answer, nor is a restriction on concealed carry permits. The true problem is not the guns, it’s a breakdown in the morals of our society. We’ve had the right to bear arms since the founding of this country, but only in the last 15 or 20 years have these mass shootings become commonplace. Everything from graphic video games to movies has taught our kids that people are “disposable”. They see the killings, but they don’t see the other side of the equation: the consequences for their actions, both for themselves and for the families of the people they kill. Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens will do nothing to fix this problem.

Thirdly, the never-ending quest from atheists and their lawyers to erase God from every corner of our society. Not so much with Islam, or any other religion, but only Christianity. Make no mistake, there is an assault on Christianity in this country. Everything from banning prayer in schools, sporting events, and government functions, to the federal government trying to force privately-owned, Christian-oriented businesses to provide contraception coverage (including the “morning-after” pill) for their employees.

Your rights are under attack. The federal government is working its way into your homes, your church, and your private life. It is not fear-mongering, it is the truth. The “hope” and “change” that they sold you in the last two elections may not turn out to be the kind you wanted.

Mark Hartshorn