Hard work turns an idea into a beautiful reality

Last year I asked several residents to advise me on an idea I had to plant many flowers in Marietta to commemorate the 40th anniversary of my company, Christy & Associates. I never imagined that the results would exceed my expectations and become Marietta In Bloom. This group of hardworking and talented individuals strategically identified that the community would benefit from beautifying the gateways into Marietta: Route 7 and Market Street, Pike near Acme, Muskingum near Colgate, and the intersection of Muskingum/Front/Third streets. They have also worked with Campus Martius to beautiful their grounds and assisted Dr. Russell and Tammy Schreiber with maintaining the concrete planters near the Valley Gem.

This group of dedicated residents, comprised of master gardeners, avid gardeners and individuals who live throughout our county and enjoy flowers have contributed well over 1,000 hours designing and planting at each of these locations. Their activities are well documented on the Facebook page MariettaOHinBloom.

The list of individuals and local companies who have donated money, time, equipment and services is impressive.

AEP, American Flag & Poles, American Producers, Apex Hardware, Archer Family, Cierra Bloom, Steve Blume, Cindy Brown, Joe and Diane Bruno, Trish Caldwell-Landsittel, Judy Calvert, Emily Drabeck, James Dunn, Gail Ebersole, Elks Lodge, C.J. Feipel, Carol and Gary Gaughan, Wayne Goglin, Al Lang and Mike Ennemoser and Green Leaf Landscapes, Dick Boulton and Jim Couts of Jubilee Gardens, Roger Kalter, Pat Lane, Rena and Lowe’s Hardware & Garden, Jonathan Hupp and his team at City of Marietta, Marietta College, Marietta Main Street, Nancy Mendicino, Microtel Inn & Suites, Judy Phillips, Pioneer Pipe, Justine Ayers and Premier Printing Solutions, Colton Reed, Reno Garden Club, Joyce Robinson, Bob Rothwell, Tricia Sample, Dr. Russell & Tammy Schreiber, Stonewall Group, Thomsons Landscaping & Garden Center, United Rental, Melanie Wagner, Washington County Master Gardeners Club, Washington State Community College, Witten Farm Market & Greenhouse, Westside Carryout, and Bob and Donis Yoder.

I thank each of them for beautifying the gateways into Marietta. We all benefit from their contributions.

Frank Christy