Questions persist about the Bergdahl situation

I find the recent events surrounding the prisoner exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl appalling and frightening. It seems that once again the current administration has gone off half-cocked with not enough information.

This whole situation begs one question: How did the White House not know this guy was a deserter? Does the Obama administration vet anything? A quick search finds that Bergdahl wrote a note about deserting and it is confirmed by the people he served with. Now the Obama administration is calling all of these soldiers liars. This is nothing more than Chicago style politics at its finest. The truth about Bergdahl has come out and Obama and his friends are trying to contain the damage. I would much rather they just say that they screwed up and go from there.

I find this whole situation frightening because this move has put more Americans at risk. The policy of the United States has always been one of no negotiating with terrorists. There are many that will say it was Qatar that did the negotiating, not the U.S. Those people are nothing more than intellectual midgets that will say or do anything to avoid facing the truth. Time Magazine sums up the danger very nicely. “Asked whether the Taliban would be inspired by the exchange to kidnap others, he laughed. “Definitely,” he says. “It’s better to kidnap one person like Bergdahl than kidnapping hundreds of useless people. It has encouraged our people. Now everybody will work hard to capture such an important bird.”

We must also pause to look at the possible criminal act committed by President Obama. Obama signed a bill that requires that he give Congress a 30 day notice of any prisoner being transferred from Guantanamo. The administration is telling us that they could not meet this requirement because Bergdahl was in such ill health. I have watched the tape of Bergdahl’s release and even though I am no doctor, the man seems in fine health. He had good color, appeared well nourished and walked just fine under his own power. Obama needs to understand that he cannot do as he pleases, although he has gotten away with this exact same behavior for quite some time.

I am sickened at the direction the U.S. is headed in. We now are a laughing stock around the world for the ineptness of our foreign policy. Our president bows to others, has been taken to the woodshed by Putin, and now trades high value terrorists for a deserter. Not to mention that Iraq has turned into a complete and total waste of our time and resources because we abandoned it. Obama plans to do the same thing in Afghanistan, way to waste lives Mr. President. We are over our heads in debt while the politicians in Washington continue to line their own pockets. Our country was recently described as an oligarchy, no longer a republic. All of this, and the average person’s standard of living have gone down. Wake up America! It is time to take our country back.

Jay Owens