So many good people helped with baseball clinic

I would like to thank everyone who made the 21st annual Cincinnati Reds Legends Youth Baseball Clinic a very special occasion. So many good people from our community worked hard at this year’s event. An event is only as good as the people behind it, and we were richly blessed with a special breed of community minded volunteers and friends again this year. Our sponsors have been absolutely awesome year in and year out. Larry Ward and Marietta Captain D’s have been firmly on board for well over a decade now. Annually Feeding the campers every year with tasty food and snacks. As Well as Super Sponsors Marietta Applebees, Haas Septic Service, Marietta McDonalds, Parkersburg McDonalds, Warren’s IGA, Jay Robinson of Pepperidge Farm Snacks, Don Booth and Marietta Giant Eagle, and Super radio station V96.9. Morning station anchors Jack Horton and Sheila Britton did a wonderful job getting the word out on radio….What Awesome Contributors, and good friends they have all become. Also Local ministers Pastor Eddie Atkinson, and Pastor Chris McGinness helped to promote this year’s event through their prospective churches, and children’s Baseball teams. Many thanks goes out to other loyal Marietta Sponsors and contributors like Robin Littleton at Marietta Arby’s, Pam Goodrich of Parkersburg Olive Garden, The Zide Family at Zides Sport Shop, Michael Koker and Marietta Fairfield Inn, Marietta Burger King, Marietta Long John Silvers, and the Marietta, Parkersburg, and Vienna Taco Bell Restaurants. With All these fine sponsors in our corner, its easy to see why 2014 was another successful year. I’m also very proud of my local event staff. In a year with several head coaching spots vacant for various reasons. Local volunteer coaches rushed to our aid. Local Educator and Golf Guru Joe Matheny and his good friend Jim Wilhelm stepped up to fill spots at various stations. Marietta Resident Kevin Pierson Became a huge all-around asset at the infield station by assisting Reds Gold Glover Leo Cardenas in the field, and serving as resident pitcher for the last day’s activities. Michael Wagner Jr. Joined up with Stephen Larkin, and Together. They did A Phenomenal job at the base running and fielding station. Local umpire and youth baseball coach Kurtis Whitlatch stepped up and served as team dad to the smallest & youngest of camp children. While Yearly regulars Ron Casci, Sam Frank, Aaron Cunningham, Mike Hopkins, and Jeff Hopkins, were all on hand as usual to share their special talents with Reds Legends campers. While Volunteer Team Moms Theresa Wagner, Tracy Jones, Cindy Lynch, Maggie Tome, and Colleen Estes all helped to feed extra hungry campers and coaches during the event. Super Reds Legends instructors Ron Oester, Clay Carroll, Keith Brown, Herm Winningham, Stephen Larkin, And Leo “Chico” Cardenas were absolutely stellar in their jobs, making lifetime memories and dreams come true during this year’s clinic. Congratulations also goes out To 2014 Roy Ellis “Tink” Wagner Memorial Scholarship Award Winners James Ethan Estes, And Cassandra Wagner Reynolds.

Michael L. Wagner, director

Cincinnati Reds Legends Youth Baseball Clinic