Affordable dental care for young people still needed

I thought it to be appropriate to copy and submit to the Times an old Columbus Dispatch article about lack of dental care for children utilizing Medicaid in the Marietta area. Sadly, since this 2012 publication, the current situation has only worsened due to the closing of the Southeastern Dental Clinic. Children who utilize this program, Medicaid, have no where to turn for dental care in the valley aside from driving no less than an hour away to a dentist in Zanesville. This seems like something one would only hear of in under-developed countries, certainly not in the United States nor even in our area. Marietta is far from a “po-dunk”, back-woods type of town which is where one could expect to see this type of situation. Difficult to understand. Here is the past Dispatch article:

Stacy VanderHulst