Country needs to come together to solve issues

I recently visited a Facebook page of a relative who had posted a right-wing news photo with the message, “Scientists claim that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite lacking brains – great news for Obama supporters.” I commented that I guessed that meant that I lacked brains.

It is very easy to go along with the crowd rather than disagree when a hateful message is sent via the internet – especially from a friend or relative. For a long time, I would not say anything for fear of hurting their feelings and when I finally spoke up, it took quite a while until the disparaging messages stopped coming. Oftentimes, the person would be angry that their message had offended me.

The political cartoons in this newspaper are very disturbing and depressing. It seems like the content used to be more even handed but now President Obama is excoriated on practically a daily basis. Perhaps I am wrong in thinking that newspapers and television should try to present us with the facts so that we can then form our own opinions while staying away from the extreme views of both the “right” and the “left.” The most hateful rhetoric seems to come from religious zealots whether Christian, Muslim or Jewish.

Our ideology is so misguided that people would rather have no health insurance than sign up for Obamacare. The flow of desperate women and children from Central America across our southern border is met with compassion but also derision and demonstrations. Congress needs to work with the President to solve this problem instead of blaming him for this humanitarian crisis.

In the meantime, the gap between rich and poor continues and unless we can pull together as a country and stop the bickering, our Democracy will not thrive and we run the risk of becoming a third-world nation where we already incarcerate more people than anyone else.

Carol Lazear Mitchell