God Bless America, God Bless Patriotism

In the dictionary it reads that a patriot is one that loves his or her country and zealously guards its welfare. I agree completely with that definition.The thing that I am fearing is that we Americans are slacking in the teaching of the younger generation on how important patriotism is. During the last Veteran’s day parade I saw only a few men that removed their hats and people standing as veterans or our flag passed by them. I saw a lot of children that were only interested in the candy that was thrown. Children should be taught to stand still and quietly while the flag or a veteran passes by, unless they are clapping for them as a sign of gratitude. The candy can be picked up after the flag and the veterans have passed by. At a ball game why is it necessary for the announcer to ask the men and I feel this should include boys to remove their hats before we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Shouldn’t they already know to show that respect to our flag and our veterans? Also what ever happened to placing our hand over our heart? Have we become embarrassed? We are the most blessed country in the world and it’s because our Men and Women fought to give us this freedom and died so that we could live in such a great Country. A dear friend gave me the following numbers of Americans that died, so take a moment and try and take this all in. World war I – 116,516 died, WW II-405,399 died, Korea-33,686 died, Vietnam 58,209 died, Iraq-4,404 died, Afghanistan-1,086 these numbers don’t even count the missing in action and as you all know we are still fighting. Start now parents, caregivers teach your child what respect is it’s not to late. Adults show by your actions and your child will learn even quicker. Please lets not fail our past and present soldiers.

God Bless you all.

Myla Mitchem

Youth Director

Tunnel United Methodist Church