Many deserve thanks for city’s upkeep; many don’t

Thanks to Johnny Carpenter for faithfully watering all of the hanging baskets in downtown Marietta every day and sometimes twice a day so they stay beautiful throughout the summer.

Thanks to the “army” of volunteers who pick up litter/trash, weed and maintain flower beds, planting areas, river trails, bike paths, museum grounds, etc. Thank you to the organizations and individuals who sponsor and organize special festivals and fairs throughout the year. Thanks to the churches and other groups that support food pantries and hold community meals. Without this “army,” Marietta would never have been selected by the Smithsonian as a place to visit. Our city would be dirtier, uglier, less exciting and less interesting without their efforts.

Thanks to the board of trustees, director, and staff of the Washington County Public Library. The new landscaping, flagpole, exterior painting, terracotta roof, sidewalk, and book drop are greatly appreciated. Thanks for sponsoring various programs throughout the year, reinstating Sunday hours and continuing to provide vital services to your many patrons.

Thanks to the many residents of Marietta who ignored the mayor’s excuses for not maintaining any property you own in the city because you believe, like I do, that all property owners should do their very best to keep their property safe, healthy and attractive. So, despite the mayor’s opinion to the contrary, I will not allow my home to be covered with peeling paint month after month, dump my outdated computer equipment in my front yard; create a parking facility for vehicles of all shapes and sizes on my lot; use my porch as a permanent storage facility for broken furniture, construction supplies, bags, boxes and bins – all exposed to the weather and anyone passing by; grow high weeds and grass in my yard; replace broken window panes with cardboard, etc. My home is my castle, so I will do my best to keep it in good repair and to be a good neighbor.

Thanks to the Aquatic Center for providing a clean, fun, safe and attractive facility.

Thanks to the City of Marietta for the new street signs with their very large, upper and lower case letters. They are so much easier to see and read than the old signs.

Spanks to the City of Marietta for allowing the gazebo on Ohio Street along the River Trail to deteriorate to the point where $30,000 is needed for repairs. Deferred maintenance is rarely a smart or wise decision. Frankly I have never seen the gazebo used by anyone for anything. I would rather see that $30,000 used to replace the broken, missing and otherwise “trashed” trash can liners (Gateway Park receptacle for an example), playground upgrades, River Trail maintenance, sidewalk repairs, enhanced recreational facilities, park improvements, etc.

More spanks to the lazy slobs who leave cigarette butts, trash, litter, etc. in gutters, playgrounds, parks, cemeteries, sidewalks, flower beds, etc.

Judy Phillips