Decision on RV park will impact future zoning

I’ve several comments pertaining to your article entitled “Differing ideas over RV park”‘:

1. Thank you for publishing the article. I hope it raises wide public awareness. The decisions made by the planning commission on this issue will impact future zoning decisions throughout our city. I encourage citizens to attend the Aug. 20 commission meeting, hear the issues and voice their sentiments.

2. I’m puzzled by the planning commission process. It appears in this case that the zoning ordinance must justify its existence as opposed to the exception justifying its benefit.

3. Several commissioners have said that property owners should be able to do as they wish on their properties. Several city council members have reportedly said the same. What property owners do on their properties has impact on surrounding properties. Sometimes the impact is good; sometimes it’s not. In this case it’s not good–for the immediate neighborhood, for the wards south of Pike Street, and for the city.

4. There’s no evidence that anyone has measured to determine if RVs can be placed on the property and still comply with easements, setbacks and the like. Someone should do the math and distribute the results to interested parties before decisions are made.

Daniel C. Bryant