Doctor says new health law hurts some

A recent letter indicated that anyone against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is uncaring. In my practice I have seen about three harmed for every one it helped, some studies are a little better at one to one ratio. Other things not being discussed are people who have the ACA insurance have an out of pocket deductible averaging $8,000 to $10,000, which I would argue for the average working family is the same as no insurance at all. The ACA by design left 10 to 15 million people without coverage and is not delivering on Obama’s promise of making healthcare more affordable or if you like your doctor, hospital, or insurance you can keep it. So other than government takeover of the health care system, what actually was gained by it? It seems to me to blindly support a deeply flawed law is uncaring.

People who put their party loyalty ahead of the nation’s well-being continue to say you can’t change it. Obama didn’t keep his promise of public debates on healthcare before passing it. We are six years in and no meetings are scheduled to fix it. The ACA is creating a healthcare system like the VA that can set arbitrary guidelines, answer to no one, and cares little about the individual patient. There are two logical choices, either start “fixing” the current law which no Democrat has shown willingness to do, or repeal it.

Ms. Garrison, when running for Secretary of State was encouraged to drop out of the race in favor of the Ohio Democratic Party Machine’s favorite, which she did. Nancy Pelosi, who is the Democratic leader in the House, says there is nothing to cut in spending. I doubt Garrison will fix Washington, which would require her to go against her party. We need people willing to go against the establishment of their party, cut wasteful spending, fix healthcare, and reign in out of touch leaders, all of which Bill Johnson has shown willingness to do. The candidates have clear voting records, please choose wisely. I support Bill Johnson for Congress.

Richard E Cain, MD