Marietta Fire Dept. works to prepare for the worst

Marietta Fire Department has been a long-standing member of the Washington County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). Our hope in this partnership is to promote the goal of the committee in ensuring that Washington County is prepared in the event of an emergency. The Marietta Fire Department responds to hazardous materials incidents within Washington County, as well as a member of Ohio Homeland Security Region 8 Hazardous Materials team, which is a shared response area for large incidents of 11 counties. We also have a rope rescue team and dive team, in addition fire, EMS, confined space, and river rescue capabilities. LEPC regularly tests not only our capabilities to respond, but that of the surrounding county departments as well, so that we can all be better prepared to serve our communities. The planning and coordination of the Washington County LEPC plays a vital part in ensuring our community is protected, and our area industry and first responders are prepared for any challenges that may arise.

Safety tip:

Carbon monoxide detectors

Have alarms located on every level of your home, (or minimally at least one near the sleeping area). They may be installed at any level or on the ceiling. Ceiling mounts should be away from smoke detectors so you may easily identify which detector is alarming. Change your batteries twice yearly and follow all manufacturers’ instructions to maintain your detectors in good working order. If your detector alarms and you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact your fire department. If there are no physical symptoms, turn off any gas burning appliances or equipment, ventilate the area, and attempt to reset the alarm. If the alarm will not reset, or it resounds, call a qualified technician to inspect your section.

Marietta Fire Department, member

Washington County Local Emergency Planning Committee