Phone books littered local roadway, upset reader

My wife and I returned home after a weekend away to find our road State Route 676 littered with phone books. When has it become acceptable to drive any road and throw anything along the roadway? It is my opinion that this type of delivery is littering. If I were to drive down any road in the county and throw debris out onto the pavement I would be arrested and fined for littering, and rightly so. I wonder if the supplier of these books is aware of this type of distribution? If you want me to have your phone book (that I really don’t want or need) then lay it on my porch so it will stay dry and usable. This practice not only makes the books unusable due to the elements and road traffic destroying them, it creates a tremendous amount of roadside debris that all of us have to clean up. I plan to contact our county commissioners and see if a permit was issued or any permission was given for this effort, if not, than I feel legal action should be forthcoming for those involved in littering our roadsides.

Randy Bickert