Pouring billions into the post office won’t save it

I am often amused at how we love to blame our government for failing to save us or save one of its sinking offices. There would be no blame, at least on the government, if the blamers would just stand back and look at the whole picture. The truth is that there is one person that’s responsible for post office cancellations, but more on that in a minute. How many more billions should we keep pouring into it? They had a $1.9 billion loss in the last three months alone. That works out to about $5.75 every man, woman and child paid in the last three months for the post office. That’s in addition to all of the postage we paid for their service. If you think about it, it is really fascinating that you can mail something from Bangor Maine to San Diego for as little as 49 cents, That’s crazy. If they ran it like a business, it would be $2, or more, but not enough of us will pay that. So what do we do? Let it go the way of the horse and carriage and the steam engine. It’s past its prime, it will soon see its last day of issue. The time to stamp out the post office is on the horizon. Even the self adhesive stamps won’t save it now. I can’t think of anything they process that couldn’t be emailed, tweeted, facebook’d, UPS’d or FedEx’d. Do they really fill a vital need in our world? With the advent of the internet I don’t think they do. And who created the internet, the founder of cyber-space and the great swami of the ether fog? Al Gore. He’s the man that killed the post office.

Bryan Waller