Seeds of total destruction have been sown

Climate change. Evil CO2. Evil Coal. Overpopulation. It’s about social change. It’s about control. If this is too hard to understand, then imagine a planet with 99.9% good people, and 0.1% extremely wealthy, psychopathic individuals whom wish to dominate the rest, or get rid of them altogether. Then imagine a way that their plans could be brought about: Some crack scientist comes up with the basis for a thing called global climate change, that in the “science community” is ever evolving and based in “pure fact”, except that this pure fact isn’t fact at all, but rather ruled by consensus, not science. Consensus is collective. Consensus is not science. Sort of like, just because nine out of 10 dentists recommend ingesting fluoride, doesn’t mean it’s safe or scientific. What about the 10th dentist? Oh, no, don’t listen to him. Anyway, the idea is awesome and so broad-based and perfect that it can be used to argue that a thing called CO2, the main exhaust from human breathing and burning carbonaceous material and carbon being the building block of human life and the life-giver to all plants and many other organisms, is evil and it will kill us all if we don’t do anything about it! Alarmist headlines are their greatest tool. It doesn’t even matter what anyone argues about: global warming, global cooling, lack of weather patterns or extreme weather patterns, droughts or flooding – to these people, it’s all global climate change, and therefore is compounding proof of their so-called and continually evolving theory, and that anyone against the norm must be racist to science. Then, dismissing the fact that civilization has advanced to the point to creating technology to clean burn carbonaceous materials or create entirely new systems altogether, the system creates dependency on an industry such as coal or oil (owned by the same 0.1% psychopaths); And that when under the threat of the climate change theories and oppressive government regulations against these systems, ends up stymieing the peoples’ progress, financially, economically, and technologically-to the breaking point at which all innovation is lost and the entire civilization falters into a retrogression. Except, that the current technology is already so complex, it advances of its own accord and through technocratic rule, the 0.1% can fade in a new, dystopian feudalist society. A society in which wars are fought for the fighting, people are both physically and politically executed or persecuted so that no opposition ever rises, and soon thereafter the climate change myth is gone and forgotten, but the planet has been sowed with seeds of destruction. This planet is called Earth.

Stop and Think.

Sam Ludtman