Several things Thompson has failed to do for miners

I would like to address a recent letter supporting Andy Thompson. The writer states no one has stood up for coal more than Thompson, but fails to mention anything he has done. I can tell you several things Thompson failed to do for local coal miners. First, he failed to show up when Harrison County was fighting to hold on to our Mine Training center in Cadiz. Just like Ormet, Harrison County was in Thompson’s district when this fight was going on. And just like Ormet, Andy Thompson was a no-show. Senator Lou Gentile was there leading the fight along with Jack Cera from the neighboring district along the river. What about the UMWA rally protesting the EPA’s overregulation on July 31? There were over 7,000 supporters in attendance. Thompson was a no-show again. What about the rally for fairness for the miners at Patriot? Again, Thompson was a no-show. What about showing up and talking to our members about our concerns? Again, Thompson was a no-show. What about for endorsement from our local coal miners? Yes, again, a no-show. It takes more than cashing checks from coal barons to stand up for coal. I can tell you one person that was there every time; at Ormet, the rally protesting the EPA’s overregulation, the Patriot Rally, and is a certified Underground Miner himself that faced the EPA’s overregulation in the late 70s and early 80s costing him his future in the coal industry, and has a family history of over 100 years mining coal in Belmont County. That person is our endorsed candidate, Charlie Daniels. In 2010, Daniels, on his own, was in Washington D.C. fighting for Ohio energy jobs and standing up against unfair trade deals with China and Mexico. While before even considering running for office, Daniels was fighting harder for our local workers than most elected politicians. I know who I am trusting with my family’s future, the guy that shows up.

As far as the previous writer’s support of Thompson, what the writer fails to mention is Thompson is not supporting coal miners. You can’t be pro-coal when you are anti-coal miner. There is no doubt that Thompson is not and has never been endorsed by the United Mine Workers of America or any other labor organization. He has publicly stated his economic disaster plan is to cut wages down to the point that the extremely low labor cost draws in business. Thompson’s plan is to follow states like Maine that passed laws to lower working class families’ incomes so their special interest campaign supporters can raise their profits. Six out of the 10 of the worst economic failing states adopted the laws that Thompson is pushing. We have a choice, become one of those states or send Thompson back to his home state of Iowa. He has backed up this radical anti-working class economic plan by voting against the people of his own district. He has publicly stated his position on multiple occasions, including in St. Clairsville, that he is anti-union and supports laws that lower working class family incomes. He has supported privatizing and drastically lowered wages on local jobs in St. Clairsville and in Caldwell. He has claimed he is against the severance tax, but has been pushing since 2012 the ad-valorum tax that taxes the land owners for their minerals. Thompson stated, “One increasing revenue stream for counties in the shale areas is the ad valorem tax, which values the mineral assets in the ground.” In other words, more property tax for you. What this says is that Thompson is against the severance tax for oil companies, but he’s not against you paying it. I can guarantee you this. On Nov. 4 when Thompson needs my vote, just like him, I will be a no-show. Stop the war on the working class. Vote with me for Daniels.

Lannie Ed Stark