We can’t let the fox guard the chickens anymore

Another presidential election cycle is upon us. Candidates will be attacking one another within and across party lines but they will also be looking for ways to take more of our hard earned money to feed their own self interests. As U.S. citizens, we should not accept the “career politician approach” for it hasn’t worked in the past, it isn’t working in the present, nor will it ever work in the future.

Before going after people’s hard earned money and earned/paid into entitlements, the federal government needs to clean-up its own act first for we can no longer afford to let the fox guard the chicken coop. This means:

1. Putting term-limits (two) on those serving in Congress. This also means that Congress should not receive a lucrative full salary in retirement. They should only receive a fraction of their salary for they put their pants on in the same manner as the working people they are representing.

2. Putting the U.S. government on a diet. The Government Accounting Office identified that $45 billion/year is wasted in redundant government programs. This is merely one sign of many that our government is so obese that it doesn’t know what various groups within it are working on.

3. Running the United States like a business and making those difficult decisions (Need’s vs Want’s) when trade-offs are required if funds are not available like a family does when running their household.

4. Providing each candidate with the same amount of campaign funding. A large portion of the American people are being discriminated against regardless of their race by those individuals that have money to run for political office (regardless of political party) so why not level the playing field for all.

In closing, government officials need to be held accountable for their actions regardless of the position they hold for no one is above the law.

My kids understand that money doesn’t flow freely out of an ATM machine unless a lot of work goes into putting it into the account first. Washington bureaucrats may believe or say “why does it matter”; it does matter because it’s our hard earned money that you’re flushing down the toilet. Now ask yourself how many of the candidates will have the backbone to have such topics on their agenda while on the campaign trial or once in office: None!

Henry Sasyn

Vienna, W.Va.