Dangers of alcohol abuse still overlooked

Very good to hear Larry Mincks say it’s cheaper to treat the drug addicts than put them in jail. Because thelegal drug alcohol has been ignored by law enforcement, judges, lawyers, doctors, hospitals and the moms and pops. This example is on TV every day.

I volunteered for 18 years at the chemical dependency unit. The startup drug for 90 percent of the addicts was alcohol.

Very easy to buy or steal and is legal. You make marijuana legal and in my opinion addictions will double. The chemical unit was shut down and this hurt the whole community. It couldn’t have been money. Look at the money spent now.

We need Marietta Memorial Hospital to get their head out of the sand and build a chemical treatment unit for men and women that will house 50. This would go hand and hand with drug court. Use 12-step programs as a guideline. Put God back as a higher power and quit denying the fact that alcohol is still the No. 1 drug being abused.

We have a saying, 90 meets in 90 days. This is my opinion on what I have seen and lived through. I have 24 years of being clean and sober. I will always be grateful to the care unit and the 12-step programs. In God I trust!

Bob McIntyre