Both parties need to reform delegrate system

In the Marietta Times dated May 5, an editorial entitled, “Don’t ever give up your right to vote” – this is one thing I agree with, but do your votes really count? No they don’t … not with both political parties keeping the delegate and caucus systems in the primary for a way to pick a nominee for president of the United States. I don’t care if you like Trump or not but he is right, this system is corrupt and flawed. We vote for a nominee of our choice and also a delegate to represent us to make our vote known but now it has come time when they go to the convention there is too much chance they will be making deals with gifts and promises to change their vote to another candidate. I say take all the foolishness out and just go with the popular vote in the primary where we know our vote was really counted. The delegate system was put in place years and years ago, way before radio or television or most news of any kind. A lot of the men could not read and the women weren’t allowed to vote, so the powers that be put in this system to control who got in. But now it has gotten a darn site worse! For you Democrats as the party put in the super delegates whose vote counts 6 to your 1. I ask you, is this fair? Democrats and Republicans get together and change it!

John Thorniley