Government stance on transgender students wrong

The federal government has told public schools all across the nation that they should allow transgender students to use bathrooms and believe it or not, locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. As we all know locker rooms also have showers.

As I see it they both can use the showers at the same time if they wish to. As a Christian I do not want my boy or girl using the same bathroom much less the same locker room shower together.

They always talk about their rights, but where is my right as a Christian to bring up my children and not have this immorality that the federal government is trying to force upon us. I don’t care what these people think they are. God doesn’t make mistakes and if you are born a man or woman that is what you are period. I guess the next thing the federal government will decree is that if someone thinks he is a monkey he must be placed in a cage in the zoo with the rest of the monkeys. How long will it be until the public bathroom and locker rooms for adult must fall in line?

You take your daughter or son to the YMCA and the Y has to follow the federal government and make the showers open to anyone. Your 9- or 10-year-old daughter goes down after her swimming and a woman follows her down! Is it a female or a sexual predator following her down, think about it? Do you really want your wife or children exposed to this immorality?

This is totally against the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. Anyone who says otherwise is not a Christian. If you who claim to be a Christian do not take a public stance against this you are nothing less than a hypocrite and just as guilty as the one’s trying to force this immorality upon us. It seems this country is a sinful as Sodom and we all know what God brought upon them. You fathers, do you really want your family exposed to such evil?

As for me and my household, we serve the Lord.

Pastor Woody Pryor