LBGT agenda misguided on many levels

LBGT agenda misguided

on many levels

On Friday, May 13, the White House signaled its intent to implement the radical LBGT agenda by issuing a directive to all public schools. This act was aimed at allowing transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. This latest effort by this administration to “radically transform” America is at once shamefully unsurprising and stunningly irresponsible.

The president’s directive violates the U.S. Constitution (the federal government has no enumerated power vis a vis the schools), the will of the majority of the American people, and the law of God. In fact, this misguided act invites otherwise well-intentioned and moral school administrators across the country to violate not only their own personal conscience but also key virtues that most Americans hold dear.

The directive is imprudent in that it was issued hastily, without due consideration for all the parties who would be affected, and in a most authoritarian manner. Gone apparently, is the notion of cool deliberation, our founders saw as the basis for all prudent change.

The directive is unjust in that is fails to give to those millions of American school children and their families what they are due, the protection of law. In every state of the union it is unlawful for a man to enter a women’s restroom and those who violate this law can expect swift punishment. Thanks to the president’s directive, the only place men may enjoy the sanction of the federal government to invade a young ladies’ restroom is in a public school.

Finally, the directive is intemperate in that it seeks change well beyond that which most Americans are willing to accept. It gives relief to that miniscule population in America who believe themselves to be one person on Monday and wholly another person on Tuesday. It celebrates the transitory over the permanent. It enshrines chaos over order and it establishes a tyranny of the minority in the midst of our so-called democracy.

The last and most disturbing facet of the president’s action is that it defends that misguided measure of a Creation that would condemn the Creator. Does the brick condemn the brick maker? Do the individual notes mock the composer? What is the transgender community but that group of individuals who either out of confusion, desperation, or hubris have the audacity to say to the author or all creation that, “you have made me wrong and I know better.”

This is a misguided action taken by an administration that seeks to dismantle a Christian nation. It is up to individual Americans to resist this imprudent, unjust, intemperate and immoral act.

Ron Feathers