Support for ‘disabilities’ month legislation

I am writing this letter to pledge my support for Senate Bill 130. This is a bi-partisan bill that formally designates October as “Disability History and Awareness Month” for Ohio. The bill further states that Ohio schools in October should embrace events that promote disability awareness, culture and the rights of those with disabilities.

This bill is sponsored by Sen. Lou Gentile from the Ohio’s District 30. As the mother of a child with special needs, I understand the importance of this bill and the long-term value it provides. People with disabilities make considerable contributions to society. Recognizing those with disabilities will create positive impact in Ohio’s schools and communities. Senate Bill 130 will help communities grow stronger by educating and promoting disability awareness.

Please support Sen. Lou Gentile in this initiative to educate and celebrate those with dis “abilities” in Ohio!

Lisa L. (Brake) Averion