Zonta Award inspires winner to do even more

Dear Zonta Club members,

It has taken me awhile to digest winning the Woman of the Year. With the award being based on a woman’s volunteer service and her impact on the community justified all of my prayer requests over the last few years. I was completely surprised and at a loss for words (doesn’t happen often). I am not sure if words can ever express my gratitude.

I become emotional still when someone brings it up. I am pleased, honored and humbled to be awarded the Zonta Club’s Woman of the Year Award. It is really a tremendous honor. I reviewed the list of past winners, with their excellent track records of community service and honest dealings, reveals the significance of this award.

I wanted to thank you all for selecting me and those who nominated me. I do not know who did but I know one of my ambassadors did and I am surprised she kept it from me. I may have to give her some extra work! Lol. Also, I have spoke to a few ladies who mentioned they had been nominated as well. They are amazing and I would have had a difficult time choosing. I give an enormous salute to all of this year’s nominees each of whom have made incredible contributions to the community

Our programs continue to grow and new one’s are always being developed. It is the support of the community and people like you that makes it easier to provide for people with disabilities and seniors. I am more committed than ever to the community that has brought me so much joy and success.

Terrie J. Lincoln