Voters should support Dream Team for BOE

Mallett, Duckworth, Lehman. MDL. Frank Christy wrote an endorsement letter for these three school board candidates he referred to as “The Dream Team.” I now know why he wrote.

I have previously written and submitted letters endorsing Mr. Mallett and Mr. Lehman. I have now spent some time with the third member of The Dream Team. I understand why Mr. Christy chose the term.

The Marietta City Schools is a $28 million enterprise. Not a business. Much of their revenue is dictated by state and federal mandates leaving less than 20% under local control.

Hiring, marketing and goods and services offerings are further much controlled. Unlike a traditional business. And you don’t get to direct your operations at specific customers while leaving more labor intensive customers looking for other providers.

This seeming impossible combination of challenges to successful outcomes requires a team of widely talented individuals who can draw on decades of experience and expertise with a vision to the future of making Marietta City schools “The best that they can be” as I’ve heard them say.

This team brings to the table decades of coaching experience; decades of involvement with our schools, children, employees and business; and further decades of business and human relations experiences. Not to mention yet more decades of community services covering a wide range of activities. All with successful track records.

If you add to the team a former problem solving UPS employee who is the current operator/partner of a five generation local farming operation you have brought the ability to anticipate the unknown and unpredictable on a scale that only Mother Nature can provide.

Yes, Mr. Christy, The Dream Team is the correct term. I would add my endorsement.

Jack Moberg