Bertram has service, experience for judge

My name is Dorothy K. Peppel. I served Washington County for over 60 years in the county treasurer’s office, including nine terms as the elected county treasurer. I am writing to endorse and voice my strong support for Paul Bertram as our next Marietta Municipal Court Judge.

I have known Bertram for over 30 years, and knew his parents even longer. I know Bertram to be a good family man of strong integrity, values, talent and common sense. I believe he will be an approachable, personable and fair judge with a heart to always do what is right. His drug court ideas are innovative and much-needed to combat the growing drug problem in our community.

Bertram also has the experience, strong judgment and community commitment we need in a judge. He has been a prosecutor, a lawyer in private practice and is now the Marietta City Law Director. He has also served as president of Marietta City Council. Bertram loves Washington County, and his strong record of public service shows it. It would be wonderful for our county to have a man of his exemplary qualities as judge, and I encourage you to vote for him on Nov. 7.

Dorothy K. Peppel