Bertram would be a fair, balanced judge

Over these past weeks, the public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming elections. I value and cherish the freedom of the right to vote for the candidates that I believe will serve our community, county and country in an honest and trustworthy manner. Our wonderfully blessed area also has problems and needs that need to be met and it is my hope and prayer that all of the candidates will listen close to the public’s concerns and make fair and thoughtful decisions no matter the political party affiliation.

It is my privilege to express my support for Paul Bertram as he has made the decision to run for and serve in the position of Municipal Court Judge. I know Bertram to be intelligent, hardworking, fair and diligent. Bertram has served the public in many capacities. He’s served on Marietta City Council also serving as president and currently serves as the Marietta City Law Director.

I am confident that Bertram will bring the fine balance and his life experience to make fair, unbiased tough decisions according to the laws set before him matching the crime to the level of punishment. I am especially enthusiastic about his passion to help with the serious drug epidemic we have in our area. With the support of communities there can be positive reintroduction back into society, the workforce, and to a better life.

We need Paul Bertram and Paul Bertram needs us. Please join me in voting for the candidates of your choice. My choice for Municipal Court Judge is Paul Bertram.

Alice Hurte

New Matamoras