Choose Bartunek for Marietta school board

My name is Taylor Myers and I work as a teacher inside of a low-income school district. I encourage you to vote for Roger Bartunek for Marietta City Schools Board of Education.

I first met Roger during my time as a student at Marietta College. I immediately admired Roger because of his experience as an educator and passion for providing opportunity to all of our students. In fact, Roger spent his career working at virtually every level of education. He served as a custodian, teacher, elementary school principal, high school principal, vocational director, and superintendent. Roger now hopes to serve young people and their families as a member of the Board of Education. I believe Roger is qualified to serve effectively in this position.

Growing up in the Ohio Valley, I learned the meaning of community. As a Monroe County native and Beallsville High School graduate, I witnessed firsthand how it truly does take a village to raise a child. As I reflect on my time as a student and an athlete, I consistently remember the compassionate, caring, and hardworking adults who sacrificed so much to open doors for me. When I think of these folks I remember their values and I see those same values in Roger Bartunek. Roger values community. He is a person of integrity. He is part of the village that raised me and now hopes to serve you as a member of the school board. I believe Marietta would be wise to elect this educator, parent, neighbor, mentor, and friend to its Board of Education.

Roger knows how to negotiate contracts and generate school calendars. He also knows how to care about people. When a person moves to a new place it often takes time for them to feel accepted. It takes leaders and kind neighbors in order for these new citizens to fully integrate into the community. Roger helped me become a proud member of the Marietta, OH community. He and his wife Kathy befriended me. They opened their door and sold me on Marietta, Ohio. We know Marietta is Ohio’s first settlement, but people like Kathy and Roger Bartunek make Marietta Ohio’s best settlement.

As early and absentee voting are underway, and Election Day (November 7th) is right around the corner, I urge you to vote Roger Bartunek for Marietta City Schools Board of Education.

Taylor Myers