City Council: Cassidi Shoaf is the new face of servant leadership

The desire to selflessly serve one’s neighbors and friends may perhaps be one of the most noble callings. Pair that desire with knowledge, talent, and drive, and you have the Marietta City Council candidate, Cassidi Shoaf … and my personal friend. About a year and a half ago, when I began attending a local church, Shoaf, her husband, Justin, and their darling daughter, Aviella, were the first to welcome me into the church and into their family. Her openness and desire to learn from and understand others and her desire to serve were evident within our first interactions. Those are the very same qualities that make her deserving of your vote come Nov. 7.

I recently heard the following statement: “Culture is comprised of your beliefs, values, and behaviors.” The essence of a community is its culture, and Marietta’s community is comprised of individuals like Shoaf: an engineer, a mother, a friend, a servant, and a leader. Her belief in the shared responsibility to positively influence one’s environment is reflected in the value she places on excellence in service. This quality of character is highlighted and confirmed by her decision to run for the office of City Council, so she can continue to show through her actions how much a community can be changed by sharing that same belief in service and valuing of individuals.

Once viewed as a contradiction, the idea of servant leadership has transformed companies and industries. By electing Cassidi Shoaf, the city of Marietta will see first-hand how servant leadership can change a community. At the heart of her campaign is a desire to help create a strong vision for Marietta that will guide the financial decisions of the leadership with the goal of cultivating an inviting and thriving business environment. At the heart of her leadership is an ability to connect individuals who share the same passions and pursuits and to support the accomplishment of clear, measurable goals that translate into tangible change in the lives of her neighbors, her family, her church, and her friends.

Shoaf grew up visiting the “big city” of Marietta, enjoying its unique and historic offerings. Nearly three years ago, she and her husband officially decided to call Marietta home. Shoaf’s fresh perspective blends with her managerial experience and heart to serve to create a leader who sees the challenges Marietta faces with a clear vision, who trusts in the synergy of a team united by a common goal, and who desires to meet the needs of the various populations within our city. Marietta needs a leader who both celebrates the successes of past initiatives and offers unique solutions to current concerns. Shoaf is that leader.

The pioneer spirit so integrated into the very fabric of Marietta is a driving force for Shoaf, and it stems from the belief that a community can be better and grow stronger as we highlight the beauty of connection and strengthen the trust in the relationships that tie our city together.

This spirit, this belief, is what led to the very beginning of Marietta, and this is what will continue to give our city a hope and a future!

I urge you to “Vote Shoaf” this month and watch how humility, vision, and hope can truly lead to change.

Jordan Blackstone