Duckworth’s successes make him the right choice for BOE

I would like you to vote for Mark Duckworth for Marietta Board of Education on Tuesday, Nov. 7. There are three character traits of him I would like for all of you to consider: his faith, his family, and his love of this community.

I did not know Duckworth until about 10 years ago when I met him in the Mid-Ohio Valley Emmaus Christian Community. He was willing to serve on our board and be the register which is an important and time consuming job. He breathed new life into an organization that was struggling. He faithfully did his job and went the extra mile for our faith community. He served on the teams and was very successful in getting men to go on the walks to help them be better fathers, husbands, and Christians. He saw needs at the camp we used and raised the funds needed to cover the repairs and found the labor to perform the work. He has a strong faith in God which I have been able to see since we have been meeting in an accountability group each week for over seven years. He has been a lifelong member of Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta and has served on many committees. He walks the walk and he cares deeply about others.

Duckworth has great pride in his family. He has never forgotten his roots and the sacrifices his parents and grandparents made for him. He continues to live with his family on the family owned farm in Marietta. He has told us when in high school he juggled his studies along with morning and evening chores on the farm. A graduate of Marietta College, he started his master degree but life got busy and he put it on hold. A few years ago, he resumed his studies because he wanted to show his boys that you should finish your education. He continues to help on the family farm along with his children. He also makes sure he attends the many sporting events his boys are involved in and offers his support to all the kids. He knows his heritage in this community and is very proud of it.

Lastly, I would like to talk about his love for Marietta. If he sees a need he figures out a way to help. He has helped make Flanders Field and Patriot Park a place where kids can enjoy playing baseball in the community. He helped restore and improve Hadley Fields and Buckeye Park. For almost 20 years, he helped organize the Alumni Basketball tournament in the spring which has brought in many dollars for the Marietta athletic boosters. Three years ago, he saw a need for an Athletic Hall of Fame at Marietta High School. He formed a board of directors and they have had two classes so far with the third coming in a few weeks. He makes sure that the attendees are welcomed back to the Marietta area if living outside our city for an absolute first class event. He has a reception on Friday night at the football game which he has got donated and then the banquet on Saturday. These are just a few of the projects he has worked with. The theme is the same: Mark Duckworth leaves things better than he finds them. He will not accept no for an answer and he works tirelessly to ensure things happen for our youth and community.

Mark Duckworth has the education, business knowledge, and passion to make Marietta City Schools great again. We may have some population growth with the recent announcement of jobs and we should get a person like Duckworth to help make policies for the schools. Education is a key for many families moving to the city. If you have concerns please email him or give him a call. You will quickly find out about his love and passion for our children and our future.

Randy Wilson