Hall will work in best interest of students, schools

I am writing to recommend Stacey Adams Hall for the Marietta school board. I have known Hall for over 30 years, and can tell you that she cares deeply about her hometown and the people within it. Hall will be an asset to the board, bringing her knowledge as a seasoned educator in the Marietta City Schools system, as well as her experience as a parent of two outstanding Marietta City Schools students and athletes.

When I worked with Hall in her classroom, I saw how she supported the success of every student with compassion and encouragement. As an educator, she knows first-hand the needs of the schools and their students. She has been an advocate for the community as well, growing up here and working with the United Way.

I support Stacey Adams Hall for the Marietta school board because she will work hard in the best interests of the students, staff, and community members in the Marietta City Schools system.

Lisa Walsh

Weston, Fla.