Harper had reason to miss candidates’ breakfast

I feel I need to make a statement in response to a recent article in the Marietta Times entitled “Chamber holds candidates’ breakfast.” In the article there are things that I find highly inadequate as it states that “Challenger Stephen Harper did not attend, nor provide, the group with a statement for his absence.” This is unbelievable, I dutifully notified Chamber Director Carrie Ankrom that I could not attend as I had an exam at Marietta College which I could not miss. I also told my Republican running mates I would not be able to attend, and Cindy Oxender let the moderator know I had a prior, important, commitment. Also, no one from my committee could attend due to prior commitments with their jobs. The reporter who covered the story could have called me that evening for a comment. I just want to set the record straight that I did not ignore the opportunity to speak to the Chamber members. I am pro-business, pro-job growth, and believe that council should be aware of developing economic trends and set policy to bring them to our hometown. As a sixth generation Mariettan I am proud of where I’m from. I believe in what this city has to offer, and I want to stay and raise my future family here. It’s “Our City, Our Future” and I would appreciate the chance to serve and we your help we can make great things happen!

Stephen Harper, Marietta

Candidate for Council at large