Holes left in ground a danger to park users

If you enjoy activities by the boat ramp at Indian Acres such as walking, tennis, pickleball, softball, skateboarding and more, you really need to be aware of holes covered by high grass close to the restrooms where you park for all activities.

These three holes were made by poles pulled out two years ago for the block walls for a planter. On Oct. 18 we were walking to the cars after pickleball and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. There was a large hole by my foot. I got up after awhile, tried to walk and couldn’t put my weight on my foot. My foot black and blue and swollen, I went to Physicians Care. After Xrays, I was told both my knee and foot were sprained. I was told I was lucky I didn’t break my foot.

I called two city officials and got the same answer: If the holes had been reported and the city didn’t fix it, the city would be liable. It was an accident waiting to happen and I was the accident.

Be careful if you are going to Indian Acres, you may be the next accident waiting to happen because the holes aren’t filled. Why?

Linda Cline