Marietta Area Recycling Center grateful for support

The Marietta Area Recycling Center is gearing up for the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving. There is no better time of the year before things get hectic to stop and thank the businesses and recycling community for their continued support. It takes a village.

PDC Energy, an oil and gas company from Denver, Colorado has been a corporate sponsor for the last four years. Local businesses and organizations have also shown their loyal support, not only by being recyclers themselves but being cardboard or plastic sponsors including, Marietta Adventure Company, Marietta College, Peoples Bank, Colegate Woods Veterinary Hospital, All Pro Nutrition and Eyecare Associates of Marietta.

These sponsorships help bridge funding gaps due to the historically soft recycled materials market. In example, although cardboard pricing had a bounce at the beginning of this year within the last two months the market took a 40% plunge in price per ton. MARC is able to withstand and continue to provide this opportunity to the public thanks to these organizations.

Another key facet and the core of why MARC is about to enter its 42nd year of operation, is the recycling community as a whole. People that come to MARC and properly sort their items into containers play a much valuable role in making the over 800 tons of materials that are brought to MARC each year manageable for the volunteers to handle. They also contribute through donations which helps cover maintenance such as getting some much needed gravel in time for winter weather for the parking lot.

Last but not least are the volunteers that come 365 days of year, rain or shine, to keep everything going. MARC volunteers are extremely dedicated. Volunteers: Carol Bailey, Laura Bradley, Brad Bond, Cindy Brown, Dave Buchanan, Josh Caldwell, Andrew Clovis, Stephanie Creighton, Kathy DesMarteau, Tom Farish, Sandy George, Donnie Heiss, Jim Grecni, Jodi Kohler, Adele Long, Amanda Ludtman, Anita Kesterson, Theresa LaGreca, Don Murray, Allison Murphy, Barry Murphy, Paul Nichols, Sue Price, Sally Norton, Tom O’Neil Family, Esther Salem, Glenn Santee, Tammy Schreiber, Russ Schreiber, Cathy Shafer, Jennifer Tinkler, Lori Tofaute, Becky Wright (co-coordinator) and Susan Wunderlich. There are also many anonymous recycling volunteers that when they are at MARC dropping items off straighten materials or take action if something is required.

Business support, community support and volunteer support. It takes a village and we have one that believes that recycling is important for the community and for our present and future generations. Thank you.

A reminder as we go into the holiday season, we accept paper (wrapping paper, office paper, newspaper, magazines and soft bound books), cardboard (flatten), steel, aluminum, green/clear/brown glass (bottle glass only), No. 1, 2, 4 and 5 plastics (recycle triangle on bottom of container). Please sort into the designated totes at the site as our volume exponentially increases during the season. If you have any questions on materials, visit our website at or our Facebook page. Would you like to volunteer? Call 740-373-3372.

Kathryn Ortt


Marietta Area Recycling Center