Marietta school board is dysfunctional

A community’s greatest investment in itself is it’s educational environment for the future generations of its children. Voters greatest investment in their community is insuring they elect board of education members that will developed and sustain a well grounded educational environment for those future generations of children. Elected board of education members must exhibit good common sense, sound fiduciary principals and a vision of a solid, well integrated educational system for their community.

Our community needs board of education members that will correct existing deficiencies in our school systems and implement sound educational policies that will integrate our elementary and secondary schools with the higher educational resources available to our community. Currently the board cannot see the forest for the trees.

One such person running for election to our board of education is John Lehman. Lehman’s credentials in the education community speak for himself. Past chair of the board of trustee for Washington State Community College and is now serving a six-year term as a board member chair of the McDonough leadership board of Marietta College.

John Lehman is deeply invested in his community as a property owner, a local business owner and in the infrastructures of our community and county. John Lehman understands the critical challenges facing our board of education and the need to insure that a sound, fiducially solid, visionary educational environment remains our community greatest investment.

Please vote for John L. Lehman, Board of Education.

David Haney