McCabe a fiscally strong candidate

For Marietta 4th Ward voters, this upcoming election day offers an opportunity to turn the city away from a future of excessive debt and failing infrastructure. Glen McCabe, longtime local building contractor, has — through good times and bad, in a variety of construction situations — planned budgets and managed project spending to serve his customers and keep his company viable. Management of the city’s fiscal activities requires a similar — case by case, project by project — application of good judgment and fiscal common sense.

Financial experts have examined the city’s debt burden and proclaimed it to be dangerously large. Yet the council has repeatedly chosen to fund “nice to have” projects by taking on additional debt. McCabe likely would not actually bring his kitchen table to council meetings, but he does promise to bring kitchen table economics back to council’s decision-making processes: “if you can’t pay for it now, don’t buy it now.”

Glen McCabe pledges to be a budget hawk. McCabe promises to guard funding for maintenance and repair of basic city services, even when it means delaying items on the “wish list.”

Vote for a fiscally stronger Marietta. Vote for Glen McCabe.

Tonya Booth