McCabe a seasoned, practical choice

I recently asked Glen McCabe, candidate for Marietta 4th Ward Council, what he thinks about housing “blight” in Marietta. McCabe’s first response was delivered with a twinkle in his eye, “As a building contractor, I’ve spend a lifetime eliminating blight in Marietta, one residential project at a time – and always with an eye on the budget! The remodeling I completed for one of my clients on Gilman Avenue even won a renovation contest sponsored by the Historical Society.”

McCabe then went on to say that, from a councilman’s perspective, he would certainly agree that hazardous blight needs to be addressed. He commended council for activating a citizens committee earlier this year to study blight and recommend solutions, case by case. He pointed out that actions are finally underway to fix 304 Market St. and 410 Fearing St. on the lower West Side, blighted properties that have posed a severe safety hazard to their neighborhoods.

McCabe cautioned, however, that certain types of “blight” exist in the eye of the beholder; one man’s blight may be another’s special arrangement. An elderly or unemployed person might just not have the money to make repairs.

And importantly, where does the funding come from to fix a blight problem? If the city is too far in debt, if streets can’t be maintained adequately, then how can scarce city dollars be allocated to spruce up private property? McCabe calls for the committee to study how other cities have creatively encouraged renovation. And he urges the city to refocus its spending on basic city services, hold off of the “nice to have’s” for a while, avoid debt overextensions, and apply the discipline required — month by month — to put the overall budget back in order.

Glen McCabe is the seasoned, practical, plain-spoken choice for 4th Ward Council. Vote McCabe for budget-conscious government.

Al Stauffer