McCabe is honest, patriotic at heart

I feel like it’s my duty to endorse my friend, Glen McCabe, for city council (4th Ward).

I grew up in the 4th Ward and am a lifelong friend of McCabe’s. I was also close to his dad, Glen Sr. I lived with them in California and Florida. Glen was an Air Force brat and his dad was definitely an American patriot! And I truly believe that he instilled this into Glen. People will probably say, “of course, he’s gonna support his buddy,” but I am also a patriot and would never endorse someone that I didn’t believe in. He is a Republican and I am a hardcore Democrat. I am appalled at what’s going on in the White House. I find myself in disbelief that the presidency has become a sideshow, hungry for ratings. However Glen and I have had many discussions covering politics. And I’ve been very impressed with his ideas, forethought, and passion.

We also stay very civil. In sharp contrast to the country’s (no budging) partisanship. If you haven’t noticed, it’s getting pretty scary!

I know that Glen is above all that. We’ve often compromised and he’d definitely work across the aisle, I’ve seen it! He has a lot of good ideas. He is very patriotic, honest, hard working, and has always tried to help others. Not only that, but I know that he loves Marietta, as do I. I’m really hoping you give him a chance because I know that he’s out to make our unique little town even better!

Mark D. Britton